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Have you ever wondered what those 2 or 3 letter words are at the end of the subject lines? Well wonder no more! Here's a handy list of commonly used acronyms used in iVillage.

BF - boyfriend
BRB - be right back
BTDT - been there done that
BTW - by the way
CL - community leader
CM - community moderator
DH - dear husband
DW - dear wife
DD - dear daughter
DS - dear son
GMTA - great minds think alike
HTH - hope that helps
IMO - in my opinion
IMHO - in my honest/humble opinion
LOL - laugh out loud
OT - off topic
NDR - not dog related
NT - no text (end of the posting no supporting text)
OIC - oh I see
ROFL - rolling on the floor laughing
SAHD - stay-at-home dad
SAHM - stay-at-home mom
TIA - thanks in advance
TTFN - ta ta for now
WAHD - work at home dad
WAHM - work at home mom