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Curbing Separation Anxiety

Curbing Separation Anxiety

The Hours
<< You have been outside for many hours.  It has rained, but now the sun is out and the wind is blowing.  You bite at the wind.  You wait at the gate when you are not barking at a cat or squirrel or tree branch.  They will be home any minute or they will be gone for days.  They will be gone forever, and you will never be fed again and you will have to find your own food. Every minute you are aware that they might never return.  Every minute you are aware that they could be home any second.  Any second now.  Is that them?  No.  Not them.  Still not them." >>
 "You Are A Dog - Life Through The Eyes of Man's Best Friend", by Terry Bain
Can you see why they get so excited to see you each and every time you walk through the door?  Leaving them with something that smells like you can be comforting to them.  Many dogs with separation anxiety feel more secure in a crate when you are gone.  Structure and routine are very helpful to a dog with separation anxiety.  If they get into a routine where they can expect the same thing every day at the same time with a no nonsense matter-of-fact attitude, this is helpful to their sense of security and well being.  It is not recommended to coddle or cater to their insecurities.  This will only encourage the behavior.  They need to know you are in charge, this gives them a more secure feeling knowing you will be there and there is nothing to fear.

Lynne & Jester